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Alaskan Halibut: In Season at Summer House

In North Bethesda, Alaskan Halibut season is washing ashore at Summer House Santa Monica! Summer House is committed to local and sustainable farming for our rotating seasonal specialties. That includes encouraging sustainable eating for guests—providing fresh fare while reducing our collective environmental footprint. Alaskan Halibut season is from March through fall 2019, and with our love for market-driven ingredients, Summer House is filleting and serving up inventive creations all season. Seafood-savvy guests can see current dishes on the lunch, dinner and weekly specials menus.

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The Recipe-Friendly Fish

So, what’s the commotion with Alaskan Halibut? First, it’s high in protein and low in fats, which makes it quite the versatile fish. So versatile, in fact, that you can dress it up with a wide range of international flavors, from Asian sweet heat to traditional Midwest richness. Whether you’re meal planning for the week or an at-home chef looking for new recipes, turn to halibut for:

Omega-3 fatty acids. They boost energy and shore up the body’s defense against cardiovascular issues.
Testing your basic cooking skills. Halibut can be roasted, grilled, sautéed and more, giving you good practice for the essentials.
Basically every veggie goes with it. The only limitation to your dish is your own creativity, so play with whatever is in season!

Here are the top five halibut dishes coming to your Summer House Santa Monica menu this spring through fall.

1. Alaskan Halibut with aji amarillo-miso glaze & spring vegetable fricassee
Available late March through mid-May
Aji amarillo peppers are a yellow chile pepper native to Peru. Its southern hemisphere heat is neutered some by the savory and salty miso, plus the eye popping blend of fresh edamame and asparagus.

Summer House Santa Monica chef plating Alaskan Halibut entree with aji amarillo-miso glaze and spring vegetable fricassee.

2. Grilled Alaskan Halibut with asparagus & tarragon-caper vinaigrette
Available mid-May through mid-June
The season’s quintessential fish meets the quintessential veggie, and is a recipe you can recreate at home during grilling season. Summer House’s asparagus is regionally sourced from the Pennsylvania Amish. Capers act as a subtle dose of sodium.

Summer House Santa Monica chef squeezing lemon over grilled alaskan halibut with asparagus and tarragon-caper vinaigrette.

3. Roasted Alaskan Halibut with lemon butter
Available mid-June through mid-July
An almost nostalgic presentation, the core of all “simply done” fish dishes. A light dusting of chives invites you to a meal where you’ll pause to savor every bite!

Dinner plate with roasted Alaskan halibut with herbs in a pool of lemon butter at Summer House Santa Monica in Chicago and North Bethesda.

4. Alaskan Halibut with tomato conserva & gaeta olives
Available mid-July through mid-August
Whisk yourself to the Mediterranean with this plate that is reminiscent of a high-end bruschetta. It pairs well with a cold glass of white, dry wine.

Dinner plate with Alaskan Halibut with tomato conserva and gaeta olives at Summer House Santa Monica.

5. Alaskan Halibut with fingerling potatoes & basil butter
Available mid-August through mid-September
For this presentation, we reference some of our Midwestern roots: basil-infused butter kicks up the slightly crispy potatoes several notches. We love a good starch.

Dinner plate with Alaskan Halibut with fingerling potatoes and basil butter at Summer House Santa Monica.

Click here to watch Chef Ben Goodnick’s halibut recipe demo.

Why Alaskan Halibut?

In 2000, a Summer House founding partner visited Alaskan fisheries, and in working alongside them at sea, witnessed their clean and sustainable operation first-hand. The foray inspired the current partnership with North Pacific Seafoods, managed by the International Pacific Halibut Commission, guaranteeing high quality seafood that’s traceable to the source. The Alaskan Halibut is flown from Kodiak and Sitka, Alaska to North Bethesda in just 18 to 24 hours. Talk about a sea-to-table operation!

Summer House’s halibut is responsibly harvested by quota holders who are local to the area. It’s graded for quality standards set by the Commission made up of members of the scientific community. The fish is then packaged in environmentally responsible packaging that retains freshness. 100% Alaskan, all MSG-certified. At the end of the day, Summer House supports and works with individuals and small businesses that make these sustainability standards their mission.

Adventure through our halibut entrees this season at Summer House. Dine knowing that you’re having quality product, no matter the day of the week or time of year!

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